Weather Observation Stations


I currently own and operate two automatic weather stations. (Which can be accessed by the Hawkswick & Gledhow observatory links at the top of this page).


One is located at my home in the Gledhow Wood Area of Leeds and the second is located in the remote valley of Littondale in North Yorkshire.


Both stations are weather observation stations, and not weather forecasting stations. They record the weather as it actually is and not what is going to be, although there is a small algorithm which attempts a simplistic forecast for the next few hours.


At the present time both stations are in development mode, and whilst the data from them is reasonably consistent and accurate, they are not to be taken as absolutely accurate.




Both observation stations are based on Fine Offset 1080 weather stations which are integrated with two raspberry-pi single board computers. The pi computers wirelessly interrogate the weather sensors, process the data and then upload the data to two websites located on Fasthosts servers. Communication with the Littondale station is somewhat difficult due to its location, and the weather extremes associated with the location, especially in winter. The station runs autonomously, but interventions when required are remotely programmed from my home location in Leeds. Battery performance issues sometimes affect this station in extreme cold weather (-17 degrees C recorded winter 2013)


I'm still developing both station, especially the end user web interface pages. Some pages are still not complete or operational at the present time.

Station locations

Littondale Observatory Littondale, North Yorkshire Post Code BD23 5PX Lat long 2 deg 5min W 54 deg 8 min N NGR Elevation Gledhow Wood observatory Roundhay, Leeds, West Yorkshire Post Code LS8 4DH Lat long 1 deg 31min W 53 deg 50 min N NGR Elevation